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My name is Harry Altman. I've been studying some combinatorial number theory involving the complexity of computing natural numbers in some simple computational models, and I've also done some research on computing some things with ordinals, and, well, various other weird stuff.

I can be reached via email at . My PGP public key can be found here.

Recent updates

Math papers and drafts

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Polished drafts, should be readable

Nothing to go here at the moment.

Old drafts, may be incomprehensible and out of date

"Problem dump"

Sometimes informal bloggy writing on problems I don't necessarily know much of anything about; sometimes questions I asked on MathOverflow to no satisfactory answer.

Things I wrote for a former job

Other stuff

Here are miscellaneous files I wish to put in public view:

Here are some drawings that people have given me which I have bothered to scan:

And here are some assorted other images.